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At Picnic, we’ve been revolutionizing the way people buy their groceries since 2015 – and we’ve come a long way since then. We provide our rapidly-growing customer base with an affordable and sustainable service through cutting-edge technology, efficient planning, and a fleet of electric vehicles.

One of the main things that makes Picnic different is that we do almost everything in-house. Forecasting. Warehouse systems. Partnerships. Fleet strategies. Internal and external applications. We find it gives us more freedom when it comes to trying out new and innovative ideas!







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Middagonderdeel (tijdslot 1)

Middagonderdeel I Picnic

17-11-2023 13:45

WTC Rotterdam

At Picnic, we like to do everything just a bit differently. Doing our own analyses, writing our own software and co-developing our own vehicles for example. To do this, we need ambitious, entrepreneurial and creative people who know how to handle data. Because for our work, you not only need to analyse challenges, we also expect you to think about solutions and present conclusions in a clear and concise manner. During the case, all these elements will come together, as we will show you how one of our many interesting projects would look like. You will get data, brainstorm about the best approach, work together to find answers and present your findings in our Picnic format. You will have the chance to show that you can take responsibility on a topic, and steer how we should tackle it. In the course of the case, you will also learn about the different teams and operations within Picnic, for example our Commercial side (buying and creating our assortment), Supply Chain (optimizing operations and logistics) or Business Development (new ideas and markets). Do you have what it takes to tackle our next challenge? Join the Picnic case!

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The role of an intern at Picnic is a versatile one. From day one, you’ll coordinate a personal project in a holistic and sustainable way and play a crucial role in Picnic’s business model. It’s important to us that you run the whole project from initiation to implementation. You’ll get to be part of one of our teams and will work closely with colleagues from Germany, the Netherlands, and France. You’ll have a mentor who will be supporting you during your whole Picnic journey, standing ready for any personal or professional challenges coming your way!

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