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Whatever you are planning, building, or maintaining, we believe understanding the earth is key. At Fugro, we unlock its secrets in the form of Geo-data, which we apply to develop safer, more sustainable, and more efficient operations. It is how we help create a safe and liveable world together.

We support construction projects with pin-point positioning, monitoring, and visualisation services. Once your asset is operational, we help with its management programme for optimal reliability, longevity, and utilisation. And because we are scanning, monitoring, and analysing the structural integrity non-stop, we will continuously support you to comply with regulatory requirements. It is also how we catch vulnerabilities before they become a problem.

We are always looking for new talent to take the next step with us. For bright sparks who enjoy meaningful work and want to push our pioneering spirit further. For individuals who can take the initiative, but work well within a team.








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Case study

Casestudy Fugro

17-11-2023 09:45

WTC Rotterdam

**Unexplored Vastness: Leading the way in commercializing the Space Frontier.** Fugro is everywhere around you on both land and sea and innovation has been driving our growth for over 60 years. Sometime in the near future, space will become the new frontier on which Fugro can apply its expertise on data acquisition, positioning and remote operations. In this challenge you will get a sneak peek into the broad range of services we offer to our clients and get to think about the countless opportunities for Fugro. You will form the future of Fugro’s businesses in space. Will you expand on Fugro’s current technologies or produce something completely new? Who are your potential clients? And how does this align with our purpose; together we create a safe and liveable (new) world? The challenge is about creativity and teamwork. Combine the academic backgrounds in your group and present your findings to a jury of Fugro trainees.

Deze studenten zoeken wij

At Fugro we are hiring a broad range of students and starters with a technical background. Civil engineers work on our projects both on- and offshore. Our hard- and software, which is essential to acquire the data accurately, is developed inhouse by mechanical, electrical and robotics engineers.

Fugro aspires to attract, develop, and retain people from all sorts of backgrounds. Adding new talent to our team, from disparate places and with distinctive perspectives, stands us in good stead as we work together to create a safe and liveable world.



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