For three decades IMC has provided liquidity to the financial markets globally. Specialised in algorithmic trading and advanced technology, we set the pace for the evolution of market making.

Cutting-edge technology is at the heart of all we do. We put it to work in the markets that define our world. Across offices in Amsterdam, Chicago and Sydney, technologists and traders team up to explore, design and develop the software, hardware, advanced networks and algorithms that drive our trading strategies.

Jaaromzet: confidential
Aantal werknemers: 600+ globally, 200 in Amsterdam     
Aantal vestigingslanden: 3 - Amsterdam, Chicago, Sydney
Aantal nieuwe werknemers per jaar (vanuit net afgestudeerden): 20-25


Tijdens het Techniek Bedrijven Evenement zal IMC een case verzorgen. De titel van de case is "Casestudie IMC"



At IMC we
make significant investments in both people and infrastructure. We’re proud of our open culture which fosters teamwork and innovation. If someone has a good idea, we’ll seek to make it happen today. Our core values capture how we operate as a firm.

-        Hiring talented people and giving them lots of responsibility
           Our employees are the core of our success. We hire talented people and give them lots of responsibility, support and freedom to make an impact. 
-        Making things happen today and making them better tomorrow
           As an ambitious company we are always ready to take the next step. We dare to imagine how things could be and then make it happen.
-        Being here to stay
           IMC is here to stay. We plan and invest for the future, and our employees are encouraged to take responsibility, not only for themselves, but also for others.



IMC is as much a technology firm as a trading house. We invest significant time and resources to ensure our traders have the best tools for the job. That means continually developing and innovating to improve productivity and performance for both traders and developers. By employing the best talent and providing an environment in which knowledge and skills can thrive, we bring value to the market.

The future is full of opportunities. That’s why we continue to innovate and share ideas, expertise and systems across our offices, expanding into new markets and asset classes.



One of our core values is to take responsibility for others as well as ourselves. Giving back and community engagement are integral and vibrant parts of our culture. Through the IMC Foundations we aim to create a better society, focusing our efforts on global, local and employee initiatives.

Through our Foundations we donate for impact, supporting charities and organisations that share our commitment to helping young people develop to their fullest potential.

At the same time, IMC encourages, empowers and enables its employees to make their own contributions to causes they care about.

Interessante Studies

  • Computer science (WO)
  • Econometrie (WO)
  • Electrical engineering (WO)
  • Lucht- en ruimtevaarttechniek (WO)
  • Maritieme techniek (WO)
  • Natuurkunde (WO)
  • Scheikundige technologie (WO)
  • Software science (WO)
  • Sterrenkunde (WO)
  • Technische natuurkunde (WO)
  • Informatiewetenschappen (WO)
  • Technische wiskunde (WO)
  • Werktuigbouwkunde (WO)
  • Wiskunde (WO)
  • Informatica (WO)
  • Natuur- en sterrenkunde (WO)
  • Advanced technology (WO)
  • Bouwkunde (WO)
  • Scheikunde (WO)
  • Technische informatica (WO)
  • Informatiekunde (WO)

Profiel gewenste studenten

o    Studying mathematics, physics, engineering, etc.;
o    Experience with programming in Python (or MATLAB) is a strong advantage;
o    Interest in financial markets is a must, but no prior knowledge or experience is required;
o    Superb analytical and mathematical skills;
o    Ability to work successfully in a fast-moving and competitive environment;
o    Desire to work in a team environment is a must.  

o    Studying software engineering, computer science, electrical engineering, etc.;
o    Must have proficient experience in a programming language (Java or C++ preferred);
o    Must have a strong knowledge of algorithms and data structures;
o    Interest in financial markets is a must, but no prior knowledge or experience is required;
o    Strong analytical skills and desire to solve complicated problems programmatically;
o    Willingness to interact and work closely with non-engineers in a constantly changing environment.  

We also offer graduate/intern opportunities within our Hardware Engineering team.

Aanbod voor Studenten

Join a relentlessly curious, global team. With offices in Amsterdam, Chicago and Sydney you’ll get to work with, and be mentored by global industry experts.  

For students we offer internships, part-time jobs and graduate roles exposing them to:
-        Extensive training
           We don't require any industry experience. All you need to know about financial markets will be taught. We invest the best resources in teaching you as effectively as                               possible  with a team of experienced traders and software engineers across all of our offices.
-        Career development
           At IMC, we never stop learning. We’ll encourage you to continue learning through training and development opportunities provided by IMC and external experts. We offer                   industry-leading personal development and skill-based training. Development opportunities range from short courses to supporting masters degrees.
-        Social events
           The team that celebrates together, stays together. Whether at a concert, a sporting event, Friday drinks or our annual weekend away, IMC employees love coming together               for fun



IMC Recruitment Team
Phone: 020 798 8400