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At Royal Philips, we focus on creating and delivering meaningful health technology products and solutions to improve lives in all phases of life – from wellness and prevention to diagnosis, treatment and recovery. Billions of lives, in all phases of the health continuum will be made better by Royal Philips innovative health tech solutions.

See how we are improving people's lives

Turnover: €24,516 million
Number of employees: over 70.000 worldwide


De bedrijfspresentatie van Royal Philips is de ideale manier om meer te weten te komen over het bedrijf.



Shaping the future of healthcare

With healthcare systems around the world under increasing pressure, we deliver innovative, integral technology solutions that are designed to improve the quality and delivery of care while lowering cost. Our deep clinical and consumer insights and technology leadership across the health continuum, as well as our commitment to co-creation, are core to our business and truly differentiate us.

Helping people live a healthier life

All around the world, people are looking for new ways to take greater control of their personal health and well-being. Ways to cook healthily, to breathe clean air, to ensure good oral health. Ways to care for themselves and their families at home.

Philips play a key role in this consumerization of healthcare, expanding our offering to help consumers make healthier choices every day.



Improving people's lives through meaningful innovation  

At Philips, we strive to make the world healthier and more sustainable through innovation. Our goal is to improve the lives of 2.5 billion people a year by 2025. We will be the best place to work for people who share our passion. Together, we will deliver superior value for our customers and shareholders.



Creating innovations that matter to people

Since the introduction of the first Philips light bulb more than 120 years ago, innovation and a people-centric approach have always been at the core of our company.

Our commitment is to deliver new healthcare and personal care technologies, as well as innovative and locally relevant consumer products that make a real difference to our customers, consumers and stakeholders across the globe. We believe that the best way for us to do this, is through deep understanding of people’s needs and desires.    

When we bring the two together – people and innovation – we create the next generation of technology and things that people truly want and need. These are meaningful innovations that help people to be healthy, live well and enjoy life. This sets us apart and makes us Philips.
Why we believe there is always a way to make life better.



Sustainability is at the core of our company’s vision

In 2012 we set ourselves an ambitious target to improve the lives of three billion people a year by 2025 by making the world healthier and more sustainable through innovation. Since then, we have been concentrating our minds, shaping our strategy and rallying our teams to improve lives. We’re on track: by the end of 2015, we calculated that we have improved two billion lives - that's one in every four people!

As part of society, all of us – including companies – have an obligation to contribute to the positive state of the world. That is why we at Philips have committed to support UN Sustainable Development Goals, specifically SDG 3 to ensure healthy lives and promote well-being and SDG 12 to enable sustainable consumption and production patterns. Meanwhile, the Philips Foundation continues to create tools and run projects that improve the lives of the world’s most disadvantaged peoples and communities.

An overview of our most ambitious objectives for 2020:

Improve the lives of 2.5 billion people a year
To have 70% of our turnover coming from solutions that meet EcoDesign principles and 15% Circular economy principles
Be carbon neutral in our operations, employing 100% renewable electricity
Recycle 90% of operational waste recycled and send zero waste to landfill
Collaborative approach with our suppliers to ensure structural sustainable improvements along the chain
Our ambition for 2020: Healthy people, sustainable planet.

Interessante Studies

  • Technische wiskunde (WO)
  • Wiskunde (WO)
  • Biomedische technologie (WO)
  • Electrical engineering (WO)
  • Lucht- en ruimtevaarttechniek (WO)
  • Business & it (WO)
  • Computer science (WO)
  • Software science (WO)
  • Business analytics (WO)
  • Natuurkunde (WO)
  • Science, business and innovation (WO)
  • Technische bedrijfskunde (WO)
  • Werktuigbouwkunde (WO)
  • Applied science (HBO)
  • Biomedische wetenschappen (HBO)
  • Business, it & management (HBO)
  • Ict (HBO)
  • Logistics engineering (HBO)
  • Logistiek en economie (HBO)
  • Mechatronica (HBO)
  • Technische bedrijfskunde (HBO)
  • Technische informatica (HBO)
  • Werktuigbouwkunde (HBO)
  • Technische bestuurskunde (WO)

Profiel gewenste studenten

Aanbod voor Studenten

Help to improve billions of lives worldwide.
Are you looking to make a real difference?

Innovation that matters
Then why not help us meet our goal of improving the lives of 3 billion people a year by 2025? Come and join us as we strive to make the world healthier and more sustainable through meaningful innovation.

Play your part as we continually challenge the status quo and break new ground in order to meet the real needs of our customers and consumers.

A vibrant, global organization
Working at Philips means driving your career in an organization with an incredible diversity of nationalities, skills, backgrounds, functions and challenges. We have opportunities for starters as well as experienced professionals in everything from applied research to marketing and sales and in over 100 countries. We’re a fascinating company to be part of; a global leader in personal and professional health with a strong emphasis on cultural awareness, mutual understanding and out-of-the-box thinking.

Grow personally and professionally
You’ll have plenty of opportunity to grow personally and professionally, based on the 70/20/10 model (70% learning on the job, 20% coaching and 10% training).

As a student or Masters Graduate, you have the opportunity to put your knowledge, creative ideas and energy to good use. At Philips you get the chance to stretch your abilities, deepen your knowledge and contribute to a well-respected organization. We develop your talents and strengths. Yet you are in the driver’s seat. You have to take the initiative to make it happen! Interested in making a genuine difference? We’d be delighted to hear from you.


As a student of graduate you want to make a name for yourself. Philips welcomes your creative ideas, energy and enthusiasm with open arms. Because you are our future. If you are a starter who wants to contribute to improving the lives of people worldwide, Philips offers great technical and commercial career opportunities.

If you want to make a meaningful difference in the lives of billions of people, you can start your career at Philips in various ways. We offer:

Regular graduate positions
Traineeship (Engineering, Marketing, Sales, Finance, Supply Chain Management) 


More information about our opportunities
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